We are excited to offer the following seminars for 2020!

DateTime (eastern)TopicCost: Network MembersCost: Non Network MembersRegister
Thur. 6/2510am-NoonQPR Suicide Prevention Training$10*$15*By 6/20 Here
Tue. 6/302-4pmLeading Through Change$15$30By 6/27 Here
Tue. 7/142-4pmGenerational Understanding for Churches$15$30By 7/11 Here
Tue. 7/2110-11:30amChanging Family Dynamics: Working with parents and families today$10$25By 7/17 Here
Mon. 8/102:30-4pmTechnology & Discipleship$10$25By 8/7 Here
Wed. 8/1910-11:30amLeadership Principles: leading others & self well$10$25By 8/16 Here
Mon. 9/212-4pmGenerational Understanding for Churches$15$30By 9/18 Here
Tue. 10/1311am-12:30pmSelf-Care of Leaders$10$25By 10/10 Here
Wed. 11/112-4pmChurch Health: Why Health Matters Most$15$30By 11/8 Here

See Descriptions below or email us for more information. To learn about or join a church network, click here.

All Seminars are via Zoom. Contact us for more information on in person seminars. Seminars are Eastern Time.

*Cost includes mailing of printed materials to participants. 

To learn more about our networks, which allow for discounted seminar pricing, click here.

Seminar Descriptions:

QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide is a tragedy that has impacted far too many families in our communities. It is also one of the three top causes of death in the state of Indiana each year. QPR provides the tools to everyday people to help recognize the signs of suicide and provides simple tools for intervention. 

The QPR mission is to reduce suicidal behaviors and save lives by providing innovative, practical and proven suicide prevention training. The signs of crisis are all around us. We believe that quality education empowers all people, regardless of their background, to make a positive difference in the life of someone they know.

This seminar is provided by a certified trainer and includes the mailing of printed materials to participants.

Leading Through Change

Change is difficult, especially in the church. Change is a necessarily reality, especially as we seek to help our congregations focus on the Great Commission and develop a kingdom mindset. While the Gospel of Jesus has not changed, the world has and how we lead, do ministry and life together in our congregations must. Leading change is both a blessing and a challenge. In this breakout we will explore the nature of leading change and leading through change. We will look at various aspects, challenges and joys that come with change in a church setting. We will also address some practical tips and tools for leading through change in the healthiest and most effective way possible.

Generational Understanding: Churches

There is a great divide between generations in many ways. We will explore the nature of generational differences, examine each of the generations functioning in the world today and consider how to best understand and work with one another for the greater good. This seminar will also explore the implications of the various generations in the church today.

Changing Family Dynamics: Working with Parents and Families Today

Like much of the rest of the world, family dynamics are changing and changing rapidly. As we seek to care for, reach and minister to parents and families, we need to be aware of these changing dynamics. This seminar will explore some key dynamics and how to best respond to them in a healthy, effective, Christ-centered way.

Technology & Discipleship

We live in a digital age where technology has had a dramatic impact on our life and faith, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. This seminar will explore some of the realities of the digital age on ministry, including the challenges and opportunities and will provide some basic tools for churches and leaders to think through technology and discipleship in their ministry contexts.

Leadership Principles: Leading Others & Self Well

We have a massive leadership void in the world today. The world, especially churches need healthy leadership more than ever. This seminar will explore some basic principles for leading others and leading yourself well in todays global leadership climate.

Self-Care of Leaders

You cannot be an effective leader without being healthy. For those who lead, self-care is required for sustainable health. This seminar will explore the significance and principles of self-care and will offer a variety of practical practices for self-care.

Church Health: Why Health Matters Most

Patrick Lencioni notes, ‘organizational health trumps everything.’ The most significant factor in the effectiveness of churches today is the health of their church organization and culture. Church health is not easily accomplished, but it matters far more than mission, methods, resources, staffing and more. This seminar will explore the nature of church health and offer key principles to create and maintain a healthy church culture.


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