Empowering and equipping churches to resemble the church from Acts in their context.

While churches in the United States are in a state of decline, many desire to bring revitalization to their church. We offer both resources and training to help you in your revitalization efforts as well as a choice of networks with people pursuing the same revitalization of the church throughout the United States.

First, we provide resources and connectivity for anyone desiring church revitalization and the training necessary for such revitalization. Depending on your needs, each network provides templates, documents, learning resources, connections, and trainings for any given ministry need.

Churches: Our network of churches, which is open to any church in the United States, is a community of connected congregations dedicated to learning from and supporting one another as they each seek to revitalize their church. Find out more here.

Ministry Leaders:  Our network of ministry leaders, which is open to any leader in the world, is a community of connected people passionate about church revitalization who support and encourage one another in this amazing and challenging work. Find out more here.

Church Leadership: Our network of church leaders, which is open to any lay leader in the world, is a community of people pursuing revitalization of their congregation with direct support for churches without a pastor or trained ministers. Find out more here.

Additionally, we offer specialized support tailored for your context:

Church Revitalization Support: We provide high-quality leadership and pastoral support for congregations that need direct support for worship, sermons, meetings, and other leadership services.

Racial Reconciliation Consult: We work with a multi-cultural team that provides contextualized support for churches addressing racism or pursuing racial reconciliation in their church or community.

Transition Services: We provide resources, support, and encouragement for congregations experiencing significant transition in leadership, denomination, mission, or other types of transition.

Crisis/Conflict Intervention: We aid congregations struggling with enduring conflict or significant crises through assessment, recommendations, and support for implementation.

Seminars: We offer content-rich learning opportunities for churches, ministry leaders, and congregational leaders ranging from 1 to 4 hours that cover topics such as habits of healthy churches, leader health, conflict in the church, healthy leadership principles and models.