Below are descriptions of just some of the seminars we offer!

Habits of Healthy Churches

Outside of the work of God through the Gospel, organizational health is the most significant factor in the effectiveness and longevity of the church. In what is likely the most challenging season of ministry in history, health is more important than ever to churches and their leaders.

In this seminar, we will examine the importance of organizational health for a church and the 7 habits of healthy churches. We will look at how churches, pastors, staff, ministry leaders, and congregations can help their churches be as healthy as possible for the greatest Kingdom impact.

Healthy Leadership/Habits of Healthy Leaders

Health is the most important factor in the effectiveness of pastors, staff, and ministry leaders. Health does not happen by accident; it takes intention and action. Self-care is difficult for leaders, especially in ministry settings, but your effectiveness and longevity depend on it. As a leader, your health trumps all. Healthy leaders are thriving leaders. In this seminar we will explore the nature and challenges of self-care for leaders as well as the seven habits of healthy leaders.

Generational Understanding for Churches

There is a great divide between generations in many ways. We will explore the nature of generational differences, examine each of the generations functioning in the world today, and consider how to best understand and work with one another for the greater good. This seminar will also explore the implications of the various generations in the church today.

Leading Change/Leading Through Change

Change is difficult and especially in the church. Change is a necessarily reality, especially as we seek to help our congregations focus on the Great Commission and develop a kingdom mindset. While the Gospel of Jesus has not changed, the world has changed, and how we lead and do ministry and life together in our congregations must also change. Leading change is both a blessing and a challenge. In this seminar, we will explore the nature of leading change and leading through change. We will look at various aspects, challenges, and joys that come with change in a church setting. We will also address some practical tips and tools for leading through change in the healthiest and most effective way possible.

Strategic Planning: Mission, Vision & More

Those who aim for nothing hit their target every single time. This seminar will present a model for strategic planning that will empower your ministry for greater effectiveness without getting stuck in the trap of ignoring or being hindered by having a clear identity, mission, vision, and strategic plan. This critical tool can empower and ignite leadership in your context. 

Leadership Development & Succession

This seminar will examine the nature of leadership development in an ever-changing culture as well as succession-minded leadership development. The leadership models and paradigms of Jesus will be examined with practical, contextual ideas for modern day application. The focus of this seminar will be on shifting the leadership culture of your organization for greater leadership development and succession planning.

Discipleship & The Missional Lifestyle 

This seminar will be a simple, theological, and practical look at discipleship and the missional lifestyle as the primary purpose of leadership, ministry, and the church. It will include an examination of the various definitions and models of discipleship along with information for helping to begin to foster a culture of discipleship and missional living in your ministry setting. 

Spiritual Formation of Leaders

We cannot give to others what we do not have ourselves. One of the great ironies about ministry leadership is the lack of attention most ministry leaders pay to their own spiritual life, their own discipleship journey, and their own faith formation with Jesus. This seminar explores the imperatives for leaders to tend to their own souls beyond the tasks of ministry. We will provide tools, resources, and encouragement for spiritual formation in the midst of the ministry journey.

Understanding & Parenting Teenagers

This seminar will help participants to better understand, work with, and parent teenagers. Through these four weeks, we will learn more about adolescent development and teen culture, ways to understand and work with teenagers effectively, deal with discipline, and how to best help our teenagers and young adults find their path to a healthy, meaningful adulthood. During this seminar, we will laugh, cry, learn, think and be both challenged and encouraged.

Trends in Adolescent Development

This seminar will examine current trends in adolescent and young adult development and related implications for education, families, communities and community organizations. The presentation will explore the nature of adolescence, brain research, cultural factors, and other issues facing teens today. This seminar will also look at some practical concepts and ideas for better and deeper connections with adolescents. It will include current research as well as practical experience as the basis of the presentation. 

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