International Ministry: We provide training for churches, pastors and leaders in areas around the world where poverty prevents them from receiving quality training. We also seek to create international internships, missions and learning experiences for churches and their leaders to learn from others around the globe.

As we build relationships around the world, we transition from providing training, to training trainers in order to multiply our ministry. We have served on multiple continents in multiple countries including Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and El Salvador.

  • Pastor, Youth Pastor and Church Leader Training:  This program will both provide a curriculum for training leaders and deliver training to leaders in countries where poverty prevents them from receiving a formal education or quality training. These partnerships will be developed with organizations, denominations and church leaders in various countries in order to provide training opportunities.
    • Train the trainers: after 3-4 training trips, we train trainers to lead future trainings to maximize resources.
    • Online Degree Programs: we offer three degree programs in partnership with Kairos University (certificate, bachelors and masters) in conjunction with our training trips. This provides high quality education and academic degrees to those who might not have access.
  • Resources, Support and Network:  We offer a variety of educational and practical resources to those who lack them. Additional support and networking through scholarship spots in Pastors4Pastors and networking with ministry partners.
  • International Internships & Learning Experiences:  This program will bring international internships to churches throughout the United States to benefit both churches and international pastors. Secondly, it will create opportunities for American churches and pastors to travel to countries to teach and learn from other churches, ministries and ministry leaders.

Read our full international ministry plan here.

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