In January I accompanied Marcus to Uganda for a three and half day training to church leaders. This was my first time in Uganda.Since my flight from Nairobi took 55 mins I landed in Entebe, Uganda two hours before Marcus. We spent the first day in a local church in the village where Marcus was able to give the sermon and baptize children in the congregation. It was surprising to see a congregation that had more children than adults. Shocking, right?After the service, we had a meeting with some church leaders just to understand and get insights on the church in Uganda. The good food from the hotel made it easier that we didn’t even notice how we spent over 5 hours chatting and just sharing stories. We were ready for the next day.The training itself took place over the course of a week, and it was an intense and rewarding experience. We covered a wide range of topics: from leader health and habits of healthy churches to church planting. We also had the opportunity to hear from the local pastors and learn from their experiences. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to see the impact of our training firsthand.Through the written testimonies, it was evident that there is value in this training. It was inspiring to see the enthusiasm and dedication of these leaders and to know that we had played a small part in equipping them for their ministry. Of course, the trip was not without its challenges. We had to navigate cultural differences and language barriers, but even in the midst of these difficulties, we were struck by the faith and resilience of the Ugandans.
Overall, our trip to Uganda was an unforgettable experience. I returned home with a renewed appreciation for the global body of Christ and a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to serve in this way. I am looking forward to more international trips.

Erick Liona, Coach

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