Ministry invites us to give and give and give as pastors and ministry leaders.  A pastor friend pointed out the other day that there is endless need around us.  It’s such a beautiful gift to nurture and care for people.  At the same time, without replenishing, refreshing fuel and continually relationally giving and serving, we will become weary and drained over time.  Self-care refreshment and rejuvenation is necessary to continue to drip Jesus, drawing others to him.  

Ministry is an outpouring of our hearts, so intentional personal check-ins with ourselves are vital to effectively minster over time.  Intentional personal check-ins are simply paying attention and being present with oneself.  Ask the question, what am I noticing?  What am I noticing about my inner state?  Am I irritable, annoyed easily, tired, stiff-necked or enthusiastic, joy-filled, and at peace?  What am I noticing about how I am engaging with others?  Am I being patient, do I have capacity to parent well, and am I pleasant to be around?  Of course, when we are unsure, we can ask those around us questions like how has it been engaging with me?

Walking through ministry as a healthy leader requires us to be constantly mindful of our margins.  While gathering with a group of pastors recently, one pastor shared that margins are where our body stops.  Paying attention and adjusting our habits and patterns keeps us from reaching these endzones.  Widening our capacity to give flows from life-giving refreshment through things such as making time for rest, drawing near to the Father, connecting to life-giving people, caring for our bodies physically, engaging in fun activities that bring joy, and surrounding ourselves with wise counselors.

Healthy leadership comes with knowing our limits, staying within our limits, and intentionally refueling.

Jen Binford, Coach

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