After a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we held our first international ministry trip at the end of January and beginning of February. It was an incredible way to start of 2023. 

About Our International Ministry

There are two components to our international ministry: Pastor/Youth Pastor/Church leader training and international internships/learning experiences. Our international ministry is important to our mission to revitalize and build the global church. It is also deeply connected to our tagline, ‘the whole gospel for the whole world.’

For the training component of our ministry, we go and provide training to developing areas around the world where there is little to no access to education and training. We do this through relationships with ministry partners (churches, denominations and other ministries). After two or three training trips, we transition to ‘training trainers’ so that we can move on to other countries, areas and partnerships. We are currently enhancing our model for training for both consistency and contextualization. 

For our internship and experiences component of our international ministry, we seek to help develop partnerships between U.S. churches and churches around the world for the mutual learning, fellowship and benefit of both. 

Our First Trip Back

In our first international trip since the pandemic, we made our way to the continent of Africa. The two week trip (including travel) had our team working in Uganda and Kenya. Our Executive Director have the privilege of preaching in Africa two Sundays in a row, once in Uganda, the other time in Kenya. 

In Uganda, we trained around 30 pastors and ministry leaders from all around the country in Iganga City. For many, it was the first formal training they have received. It was also the first time that the group were able to gather as a church body. The church body is a new one and with the lack of resource and being from all over Uganda, they have not had the opportunity to meet together. Our 3.5 days of training included topics around leadership, discipleship, theology, mission and ministry.

In Kenya, we worked with a group of church leaders that we have had a relationship with since 2018. It was the first time training this particular group of pastors and church leaders and a great chance for them to gather together as they have not had that opportunity over the years. In our two and a half days of training we covered critical topics around church and leader health, developing leaders, leadership succession and mental health ministry. 

We are excited to share more about our trip to Africa in the weeks and months ahead. We are always looking for more connections and partnerships in this and our other areas of ministry. Join us in making a difference in the church around the world. 

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director

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