Empowering and equipping churches and leaders to create lasting and transformational health.

Preparing for Amazement Ministries is working hard to build and revitalize the global Christian Church. We hope you take a couple minutes to read our February newsletter and visit our website.

Partners & Heroes Needed

As we start a new year, we are looking for new donors and hoping that our current donors may be able to continue or increase their giving.

Pastors4Pastors Testimonies

Below is just one testimony from our Pastors4Pastors initiative. To see and read a variety of testimonies, check out our website and YouTube channel or our testimonies page!

What’s New?!

It is a busy season here at Preparing for Amazement Ministries! Here are some updates:

  1. Our Pastors4Pastors initiative continues to grow. Just 3 months ago we had 1 group and 7 participants. We are working on our 5th group and have over 35 participants.
  2. We have added two new part-time staff. Our ministry coaches, Rev. Nathan Whittaker and Jen Binford are very welcome additions to our team.
  3. Check out our blog for many new posts including an important post from our Executive Director, Time to Sound the Alarm.


Pastors need Pastors too!

Recent data shows that 38% of Pastors in the US are seriously considering leaving ministry. This is up from 29% less than a year ago! Based on our observations, this number is likely to be conservative, especially when we consider all ministry/program staff in churches. This is why our Pastors4Pastors program is so important! Learn more below.

Pastors4Pastors seeks to provide ongoing support, encouragement and resource for pastors so they may be empowered and equipped to experience lasting and transformation health. Simply, we help pastors find and maintain health so they may have the greatest impact possible. This includes one-one one support, revitalization network support and resource support.

The main focus of Pastors4Pastors will be on self-care and overall health. It is not intended to be professional counseling though some emotional support will naturally be a part of this initiative. While the focus is on self-care and health, professional support, advice and mentoring may naturally be a part of the Pastors4Pastors initiative. We do not want to be one more task on a to do list or another appointment in an already busy calendar, but to initiate and provide transparent, authentic, empathetic support.

Pastors who are interested in participating should contact us!

Pastors4Pastors is open to all pastors, church and ministry staff (full and part-time).

Learn more about Pastors4Pastors

Empowering and equipping churches and leaders to create lasting and transformational health.

By the Numbers

  • 38% of Pastors in the US are seriously considering leaving ministry right now, up from 29% in January 2021!
  • 40% of churches are at risk of closing this year.
  • As we continue to grow our ministry, we are in need of donors to partner with us to meet our budget of $200,000 for this year.

Coming Soon

2022 Calendar including seminars and international training trips.

Help Needed

Right now we have the following needs:

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-Getting the word out-share our tweets, facebook posts, website.

-Connections. We are looking for individuals, businesses, churches and organizations with whom we can connect to share about our ministry.

-Support to meet our fundraising needs for Pastors4Pastors and our year end giving needs.

Contacting Us

PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738

Social Media:
YouTube page

Ways to Give

We are able to take financial gifts through the following means:

  • Via mail (checks) at PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738
  • In person (cash, checks, credit/debit cards)
  • Online (checking, credit/debit cards) via Thrivent (one-time gifts) & PayPal (one-time and monthly gifts)
  • Online via Venmo (checking, credit/debit cards) @amazed15
  • Online via our Facebook Page (checking, credit/debit cards) @amazed15.org

We accept gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, churches and other organizations.

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