Empowering and equipping churches and leaders to create lasting and transformational health.

Every Pastor needs a Pastor too!

  • Pastors4Pastors: Pastors4Pastors seeks to provide ongoing support, encouragement and resource for pastors so they may be empowered and equipped to experience lasting and transformation health. Simply put, we help pastors find and maintain health so they may have the greatest impact possible. As leadership guru Patrick Lencioni notes, ‘health trumps everything.’ Outside of the work of God through the Gospel, health is the greatest factor in the effectiveness and longevity of pastors, ministry leaders and churches.

Key Guiding Principles:

  • Pastors need Pastors too
  • Leader health cannot be achieved and sustained alone
  • Church staff need encouragement, support and safe places
  • Relationship is essential, education is important

We will equip and empower pastors and ministry leaders in finding lasting and transformational health using:

  • The habits of healthy leaders
  • A self-care inventory that addresses 7 areas of health
    • Spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, vocational, relational, foundational/other
  • Self-care toolkits throughout the year
  • Other tools specific to the needs of the pastor/ministry leader as appropriate

The main focus of Pastors4Pastors will be on self-care and overall health. It is not intended to be professional counseling though some emotional support will naturally be a part of this initiative. While the focus is on self-care and health, professional support, advice and mentoring may naturally be a part of the Pastors4Pastors initiative. We do not want to be one more task on a to do list or another appointment in an already busy calendar, but to initiate and provide transparent, authentic, empathetic support.

Pastors4Pastors is open to all pastors, church and ministry staff (full and part-time).

Components of Pastors4Pastors

  1. One-on-One Support- Pastors will receive one-on-one support from our executive director throughout the year through zoom, phone or in person meetings.
    1. This includes initial support and ongoing support throughout the year.
    2. Initial support is up to 5 hours, ongoing support is 3, 6 or 12 hours a year depending on level of support selected.
    3. Additional hours of support can be purchased.
  2. Pastors4Pastors Network Membership- Pastors will receive free membership in our Pastors4Pastors Network. This will include monthly network zoom calls with other pastors. 
  3. Resource Support- Pastors will receive connection to network, ministry partners and other resources through Preparing for Amazement Ministries. Support will be available for leaders and via email with the executive director or ministry coaches.

More Information

Pastors4Pastors Information Sheet

Pastors4Pastors Coaching Tracks

To sign up for Pastors4Pastors, contact us.

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