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Stories of Transformation

In February, I was in Kenya training, about 50 youth pastors from all over the country. One even traveled by crowded bus for over 17 hours to come to the gathering. Having nothing of their own, we raised the money to cover all costs of the conference. We had decided to offer Bibles to those who did not have their own. Little did we know that over 40 of the 50 did not have Bibles. Its hard to be a youth pastor without Bibles. For just a little bit of money, we were able to provide Bibles.

The next day, I was preaching at a Sunday service in a church. Two girls came to me, to ask for Bibles. They had heard that we had given out Bibles and had walked 2 hours to get one.

For so little money, lives and communities can be transformed in the name of Jesus. Join us to bring the whole gospel to the whole world!

By the Numbers

_ For $500 a month you can help provide training for about 100 pastors in third world areas.

_ For $200 a month you can help provide revitalization support to 1-2 churches in the US.

_ For $25 a week you can help provide training for one pastor in poverty.

_ Any amount can make a difference in building and revitalizing the global christian church!

Coming Soon

We are working on planning our first trip to southern Brazil to lead a pastors conference this spring. Please be praying for preparations and for fundraising!

Help Needed

Our biggest need right now are financial resources. As we get started, there are a lot of start up costs. We appreciate you praying that God will meet those needs. If you have leads on possible donations or grants, please let us know.

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PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738

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