In July 2018, Marcus & Jessica Carlson had the privilege of traveling to Calcutta India to do a week-long training for 150 current and future pastors and ministry leaders. Most of these leaders had little to no training by US standards (at most the equivalent of an Associates’ degree) and serving in areas of utter poverty – truly second and third world pastors. For just $5,000 we were able to pay for all conference expenses for the attendees, including their travel. In most cases, two people cannot attend a conference in the US for a week for $5,000 all costs included! We were able to go and preach and teach in a very rural community that is planting a new church. Even better, we got to support these pastors leading established churches, planting new churches, and those preparing to enter pastoral ministry. We were humbled by the hunger and passion of these leaders.

The impact of that week is still being felt as Preparing for Amazement Ministries continues to support and mentor those pastors, while we look to do more of this great work. All small donations, whether one time or regular can make a tremendous difference. Join us in prayer as we begin to plan our international ministry training trips for 2020!

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director

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