Join in some Super Bowl fun, win big and support our work!

It’s that time of year again-the Super Bowl! This year, we wanted to do something different and fun and give you a chance to support a great ministry and win some money!

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in a few days, and along with it a great opportunity to help us out here at Preparing for Amazement Ministries, by taking a chance with our first annual “Super Bowl Squares” contest – it’s fun!  I’ve attached a copy of the board. If any of you want any particular square or two, or more, you can claim these squares for $20 each. Will will assign squares as payment is received. We will then draw numbers (0-9) to fill in the top and the side. We will send you the final copy ahead of the game! 

We’ll give away $1,000 in prizes ($125 for the first quarter winner, $250 for the halftime winner, $125 for the third quarter, and $500 for the final score); and we keep $1,000 for our ministry.  If we fill up the board quickly, we’ll start another board.

Here’s how it works, in case you didn’t know.  Let’s say you get a square that gave you the following numbers: Eagles 7, and Chiefs 1.  If, at the end of each quarter, the score contained those two numbers as the last numbers in the score (Eagles 7, Chiefs 21; Eagles 17, Chiefs 11, etc), then you would be the winner for that quarter. Last year we had a local mom who won both the third quarter and the final score – $625 richer for a $20 entry fee.  It could be you!

And it’s simple to enter.  Just email us, and tell us how many squares you want to buy. You can pay us in  one of two ways:

1. Pay via PayPal donation, putting Super Bowl squares in the note. 

(you can also find the link on our website)

2. Venmo the amount to @amazed15 being sure to note it is for Super Bowl squares.

When we fill up the board, I’ll send it to everyone who has entered, so you can follow along.

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