Organization health trumps everything. The most important thing you can do for your church, the best advantage you can give your church is to do all you an to ensure it is the healthiest it can be. 

So, what are the key factors in church health? Throughout various blog posts we will be exploring the key factors in church health. This will not be an exhaustive list, but it will cover the most important factors or habits for church health.

The number one factor in church health is prayer. 

It may seem obvious or even cliche, but healthy churches are praying churches. Growing churches are praying churches. Prayer does not always change things, but prayer can always change us. Prayer helps align our hearts and minds with the work of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, churches exist to partner with what the Holy Spirit is doing, not to ask the Holy Spirit to bless what they want to do. 

Healthy churches are praying churches. 

God has allowed your church to exist in this time in history in the place it exists for a reason. That reason often has little to do with those inside the church and much more to do with those outside the church. The church is the only institution in the world that exists primarily for those outside of it. 

Is your church a praying church? Do you regularly pray for your church? Is your faith mature enough to set aside your preferences and agenda for the agenda of the Holy Spirit?

Growing churches are praying churches. Healthy churches are praying churches. 


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