One of our three key areas of ministry focus is Church Revitalization. There is a prolific amount of writing on church revitalization, including various definitions. Our team at Preparing for Amazement once asked how we, as a ministry, define church revitalization. Our definition of revitalization includes three considerations. 

Looking like the Acts Church

For us, the most important way we look at and define church revitalization is ‘helping churches look as much like the church from Acts in their context as possible.’ All ministry is contextual, yet we also have a model of what God intended the church to look like in the early church found in Acts. 

Finding Transformation 

Secondly, as we think about church revitalization, we think about transformation, specifically transformation in Jesus Christ. We want to help churches find new life in Jesus in the midst of confusion, crisis, conflict, decline, or plateau. If God has allowed a church to continue to exist, then God is not done with it yet! 

Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Most of the time, we determine our plans and ask God to bless them, especially in the church. Instead, the church should look for what the Holy Spirit is doing in their midst and in their community and figure out how to join the Holy Spirit in that work. The Holy Spirit leads. For us, revitalization includes helping churches discern what the Holy Spirit is doing and to join the Holy Spirit in that work. 

These are the three ways we think about revitalization as we work with churches. We are glad to help any church revitalize and offer a variety of services and resources to help. Contact us to learn more! 

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director, Preparing for Amazement Ministries


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