Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director

I saw a screen shot of a tweet that got me thinking about some of my key boundaries in leadership.

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One of my key rules as a leader has been to avoid unnecessary surprises. That means expecting those who report to or work with me to give me a heads up on things before they hit. It also means that I do the same for those I work with and report to.

As for meetings with others, I have a general rule that I always ask what the purpose of the meeting is. If I cannot get an answer or a clear answer, I often will not take the meeting or push until I get a clear answer. Many times when it is the first time I am meeting with the person, I do not ask. That said, I have come to regret that more times that not.

In the church, pastors, staff and ministry leaders have very few meetings that are positive. It can be discouraging, frustrating and exhausting. Many pastors have PTSD from being blindsided in churches, as noted in the meme. The best thing you can do for any leader is helping them avoid surprises whenever possible. Another helpful thing you can do is to be sure to find positive reasons to meet, not just negative ones.

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director

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