Leadership guru Patrick Lencioni notes that ‘organizational health trumps everything.’ No leadership axiom has proven to be more true in my lifetime.

As we seek to build and revitalize the global church, our primary focus is on empowering and equipping churches and leaders to create lasting and transformational health.

Each week, we hear painful stories from churches and leaders about the unhealthy nature of ministries around the world. No church or leader sets out to be unhealthy, yet it is far more common that one would think. In fact, some of the stories we hear would be comical for how unbelievable they are if the were not so devastating.

Our effectiveness as leaders, especially in the long-term is tied directly to our health: spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, familial, and relationally.

As churches (and any other organization) our effectiveness, even our survival depends on our health. Nobody wants to be a part of a toxic church or organization. Health trumps all when it comes to the success of organization. Health trumps resource, staff, location, mission, vision, product, service and any other factor you can think of.

Being healthy as a leader, church or organization does not happen on accident. It does not happen naturally either, it takes intentional effort and systems. Ultimately to be healthy as a leader, church or other organization, a culture of health must be established and maintained.

In these challenging times in our country and world, the church and its leaders are poised to provide hope and healing, but only if we can get healthy.

Let us know if we can empower and equip you to create lasting and transformational health and look for more blog posts on this critical topic!

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director

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