Patrick Lencioni notes, “Organizational health trumps everything.” 

Healthy churches focus on adoption rather than assimilation.

Historically, the church has taken the following approach to people:

Believe the right things.

Behave the right way (ie, like we behave).

Then you can Belong.

This is not consistent with the life and ministry of Jesus. Instead, our approach should be:

You Belong because you are loved and created in the image of God.

We want to help you Believe in Jesus.

Jesus will transform the way you Behave.

Assimilation says: ‘come and be like us.’

Adoption says: ‘we invite you to be a part of your family just as you are. You are a child of God.’

Healthy churches focus on adoption: belong-believe-behave.

We try to fix people instead of asking the Holy Spirit to change them.

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director


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