Habit #1: Healthy churches make decisions in a healthy way.

How does a church make a decision in a healthy way? Here are some key principles:

  • Make the decision for the right reason
    • Wrong reasons include: fear, reactivity, pleasing people, tradition
    • Right reasons include: reaching people, making disciples, church health
    • Is the decision:
      • Biblical?
      • Compatible with our denominational theology?
      • Consistent with our mission & identity?
  • Make the decision the right way – using a healthy, efficient process.
    • Including the right people in the conversation
    • Having a clear process for the decision and implementation
  • Implement the decision to the best of your ability
    • Follow the plan
    • Learn as you go
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Some other principles:

  • Don’t vote on anything you do not have to (budget, pastors, council)!
  • Focus on team and consensus
  • Avoid involving too many people/opinions. Let your leaders lead, but not in isolation.
  • Have a good, explainable “why”

Rev. Dr. Marcus J. Carlson, Executive Director


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