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Stories of Transformation

We received this message from a youth leader in Kenya on hearing the news of the founding of our organization (it is unedited):

“Today i have seen your video and i was excited the more,this is really great news am super excited this is the best news for me today that you are starting a new ministry to help people like us to be equipped and be able to lead in our various capacities.I WOULD LOVE TO BE part of this in any way. My whole life i have decided to dedicate it to ministry,this gives me joy to serve.
if you don’t mind please keep me posted and i will also be keeping tabs with your social media updates.This weekend am having 15 youths from colleges coming for a one day training on evangelism as we are for a mission in january.
once again am glad ,say hi to your family.GOD BLESS YOU…”

We trained 50 youth pastors in Kenya in February and there is much hunger for me to return to do more and longer training in Kenya for youth pastors and for pastors!

By the Numbers

As we meet with individuals to talk about our ministry, one of the things asked is how we will measure our success as a ministry. That’s a great question!

For our international training program, we will measure the number of people we train, the number of trips, the number of churches reached and the numerical growth of the churches reached by our training. We will also look at stories of transformation of leaders, churches and communities impacted by our training. We also want to measure the number of people who come to faith as a result of our training in these churches as well as the discipleship that happens in these churches as a result of our training.

For our internship program, we will measure the number of interns and churches we serve. We will also use evaluation forms to look at the success of these internships.

For our program providing support to church revitalization in the United States, we are going to look at a variety of things. We always want to capture stories of transformation, both for churches and individuals. With this program we also want to measure the number of churches we serve as well as their numerical growth as a church as a result of our support.

Coming Soon

Watch for our January giving campaign as we kick off our first full year of ministry. Our campaign is called “Small things with great love”. We hope you can join us in one way this year as we seek to build and revitalize the global church.

Help Needed

Right now we have the following needs:

-Getting the word out-share our tweets, facebook posts, website.

-One time financial donations of $1,000-$25,000 to help get us started. We can take donations via mail, in person or online using checking, debit or credit cards. We are able to use PayPal, Square and Venmo.

-Many smaller monthly givers who give $25, $50, $100, $200 or more a month. This can be done via mail or using the link on our support page under the monthly giving section.


-Connections. We are looking for individuals, businesses, churches and organizations with whom we can connect to share about our ministry.

Contacting Us


PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738

Social Media:

Ways to Give

We are able to take financial gifts through the following means:

  • Via mail (checks) at PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738
  • In person (cash, checks, credit/debit cards)
  • Online (checking, credit/debit cards) via PayPal (one time and monthly gifts)
  • Online via Venmo (checking, credit/debit cards) @amazed15
  • Online via our Facebook Page (checking, credit/debit cards)

We accept gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, churches and other organizations.

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