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Below is an unedited letter from a Pastor in Bangladesh where our executive director has done some training. It is a reflection on that training, its impact and a request for more training. It is at the heart of why we have our international training program.

Dear Rev. Marcus Carlson.
Please receive my love and respect in the name of Jesus Christ. I hope you are well by God’s bless and I am too well by the same bless.

I still remember your last visit in Bangladesh. I noticed your knee operation and intolerance pain you felt during visiting in Bangladesh but also noticed your energetic desire for training pastor and Church leaders.

The Bangladeshi pastor and leaders often ask me about you and when they will get training again from you. I just say to them please pray for him so he can come again for helping you through training. 
Dear Marcus I always say that your teaching is like a medicine for the Bangladeshi people and for me too. When you were teaching us in Bangladesh pastor to pastor conference in Bangladesh and in India too.
We imagined that somehow you had been living Bangladesh for few years and faced our problems and have a profound experienced of Christian life in Bangladesh and you have the same experienced that we have.
So your teaching was successfully changed most of the pastors life. Marcus all the people want in the world that someone understands their situation and talk about that and you were that man who did like that through God mighty words and as a result pastors and Church leaders spiritual life became stronger than before and also removed many wrong ideas about false teachings of gospel.
We have attend many conferences and seen many foreign speakers but you are the most lovable trainer for the Bangladeshi people.
Most of the people was missed you a lot when you left Bangladesh been finished your teaching after two days. We remembered our accommodation wasn’t good for you so you had to stayed at hotel but you managed it goodly.
Marcus my friend people miss you and want you will come again and stay with them and give them very need trainings.
Few pastors asked me that if Marcus will come another Asian country for the conference trainer then give us opportunity so we can attend his conference. I know it’s very hard for them to go another country for attending conferences as they belongs to middle class families. 

That’s why please consider our willing to get you as trainer in Bangladesh soon. 
Please come and try to bring Jessica because you both are favourite speakers of Bangladeshi people. As you know we haven’t ability to organise like this type of conference so please help us through your training and make us spiritually strong in the name of Jesus Christ.

Please know that you and Jessica are always in my prayers and thoughts and also know that several pastors are continuously praying for you.
You both are Godly and very blessed couple. So it’s my open invitation that if you could come in Bangladesh and give us trainings then we will be grateful forever. Please forgive me if I have done any mistakes in this testimony of yours. Thank you very much. 
Your friend in Christ.
Swopon Sarker


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