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In the midst of the Covid-19, Preparing for Amazement Ministries is working hard to build and revitalize the global Christian Church. We hope you take a couple minutes to read our April newsletter and visit our website.

What’s New?!

There are a lot of exciting new things happening in our ministry in spite of the challenges we face in the world with the Covid-19 pandemic Some of the highlights include:

  • We are currently moving into our new office! The new office is located at 200 South Randolph St. in Garrett, IN. Our mailing address will not change.
  • We have been working and meeting with pastors throughout the world regularly to provide encouragement, support and advice in the midst of Covid-19. We have also created a Covid-19 support page!
  • We are offering a variety of free online forums and learning opportunities for pastors, staff and church leaders around Covid-19. Topics include: dealing with corporate grief in the midst of Covid-19, challenges and opportunities for the church in this season and preparing for the new normal post Covid-19. Feel free to spread the word! Read the blog post here and share these opportunities with pastors and ministry leaders you know.
  • While fundraising has slowed, we have been working on preparing for grants, new fundraising efforts and researching to help support churches in the midst of Covid-19 and the new normal that will emerge as a result of the pandemic.
  • We have a new YouTube page where we will post all of our educational videos and more. Check it out!

Be Amazed!

Sometimes we feel helpless to make a difference in the world. The world is a mess. The church is a mess. You can make a difference. Small things done in great love, when combined together can have a tremendous impact. Together, we can transform the world!


  • Imagine God using the Covid-19 pandemic to revitalize the church.
  • Imagine God using the Covid-19 pandemic to help pastors practice better self-care.
  • Imagine God using the Covid-19 pandemic to create healthier leaders and families.
  • Imagine God bringing revival to the world through this crisis. God is ready to amaze us all!

Churches that are dying need heroes. Pastors in poverty need heroes. The forgotten need heroes. Communities around the world need heroes. You can be that hero.
We invite you to partner with us in ministry as we work to create this world through a God who wants to amaze us!

Stories of Transformation

Below is an unedited testimony from a pastor in Nebraska.

The United States has become one of the largest mission fields on the planet. Many congregational leaders and pastors now find themselves leading churches in need of revitalization and recalibration in order to join Jesus on his mission.  Marcus Carlson, with revitalization and servant-leadership experience, has mentored and coached me in my own ministry setting.  With the heart of a pastor, he has walked alongside me – bringing encouragement, insight, and accountability.  With the passion of a visionary practitioner, he has inspired and equipped me to lead God’s people into a missionary lifestyle. 

~Rev. Jonathan Haseley, Lutheran Church of the Master, Omaha, NE

By the Numbers

  • We have connected with almost 50 pastors in the last month!
  • We have connections in 12 countries and 5 continents with invitations from 6 countries currently.
  • To train 200-400 pastors abroad through two trips, is $18,000 – $45-$90 per pastor to cover all training and expenses including trainers.
  • We could fund our full dream budget for our ministry with: 1600 new donors at $15 a month, or 1500 new donors at $200 a year or 250 donors at $100 a month!

Coming Soon

  • We will be offering more resources for church and church leaders.
  • We will be sharing more videos about our ministry.
  • As our international training trips get rescheduled, we will be providing regular updates!

Help Needed

Right now we have the following needs:

-We are looking for 750 heroes & partners to support our ministry by giving $15 a month. You can join us in this way by visiting our support page.


-Getting the word out-share our tweets, facebook posts, website.

-Connections. We are looking for individuals, businesses, churches and organizations with whom we can connect to share about our ministry.

-Participation in our 2020 campaign, Small Things with Great Love. You can learn more here.

Contacting Us

PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738

Social Media:
YouTube page

Ways to Give

We are able to take financial gifts through the following means:

  • Via mail (checks) at PO Box 479, Garrett, IN 46738
  • In person (cash, checks, credit/debit cards)
  • Online (checking, credit/debit cards) via Thrivent (one time gifts) & PayPal (one time and monthly gifts)
  • Online via Venmo (checking, credit/debit cards) @amazed15
  • Online via our Facebook Page (checking, credit/debit cards)

We accept gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations, churches and other organizations.

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