Healthy Culture

            A couple friends and I just finished recording a podcast series on ethics.  After dialoging through 14 episodes we asked, who are we becoming?  So many of us are on autopilot unaware of the conditioning we are undergoing, shaping who we are becoming individually and collectively.  In other words, we Read more…

Pastoral Health

It’s the second week of Easter season. A week ago, we remembered our Lord’s crucifixion, descent into death’s realm, and triumph over death in the resurrection. By entering into death, He healed us—just as He healed and cleansed by touching the unclean, the socially outcast, the outsider, the broken, the Read more…

Renewed Perspective

Recently, I sent out an email to a ministry leader with our ministry’s self-inventory tool attached.  I had encouraged him to read through it and reflect on his current health.  He wrote back a message that basically said, “Um.  That’s long.  Where do I even start?”  He’s right.  Pondering our overall state of health can be Read more…

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